Rules and Regulations

Regional Tournament Series Canceled

Due to the continued state of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, NFL FLAG has canceled the 2020 NFL FLAG Regional Tournament Series this fall.

The health of our athletes, coaches and staff remains our top priority and, due to the continued state of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we feel this is the best decision at this time.


These policies are subject to change based on CDC guidelines and restrictions. Any important updates will be communicated on the website and via email to all registrants prior to the event. Our Return to Play policies and procedures are MANDATORY and will be enforced at all events to ensure safety for participants, spectators and staff. 

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Do not enter the event if you, or anyone you live with, are exhibiting any signs of illness including sneezing, coughing, sniffles, fever, or generally don’t feel well

Only ten (10) players, two (2) coaches per team and referees are able to view the game from the field. 

Depending on facility and location, the number of spectators per athlete may be limited

Spectators may not congregate behind player benches, and must abide by social distancing guidelines, maintaining 6 feet of distance from other spectators 

Spectators must be 30 feet (10 yards) from the field of play. 

All spectators are required to wear face masks. 

If possible, spectators should bring their own seating to the event to better maintain proper distance from other spectators. 

When possible, we will limit bleacher seating. If bleacher seating must be used, spectators must maintain social distancing guidelines and remain 6 feet away from other attendees.

Concession areas are required to have 6ft between people waiting in line and all tables must be 6ft apart

Bathrooms also should abide by social distancing rules, require space between people waiting in lines 


Athletes and coaches from each team must be on opposite sides of the field. 

The sidelines of the fields must be clear of spectators so that athletes and coaches can maintain social distancing guidelines. When looking at the field bench area should be from goal line to 50YD on the left side.

It is recommended that players/coaches bring their own chair to be spaced appropriately, or stand on the sidelines. Player benches may be removed, depending on location.

At check-in, the athlete's temperature should be taken before they are able to participate in any games that day. If the event is two days, every player must check in each day of the event and get their temperature taken.

Every time a coach, player or referee gets to the field to start a game they must sanitize their hands at designated hand sanitizing stations at each field

Teams will be escorted on/off the fields before and after games, by NFL FLAG staff. Teams should refrain from congregating around the field prior to their games.

At the pregame meeting and throughout the game, coaches and referees will not be allowed to shake hands or have any physical contact with each other. 

Players and coaches are asked to refrain from high fives or any other physical gestures of celebration. 

Eliminate huddles when possible. 

We suggest each player should have QB wristbands containing plays/formations. Coaches should call the play number from the sideline. 

If the coach must meet with a player or the team, each member of the huddle must be 6 feet apart

Players should refrain from picking up other players' flags off the ground.

At the conclusion of the game, players will be asked to forego the sportsmanship line at the end of the game. Instead we are asking for each team to line up across from each other on their sideline and give a round of applause as a salute to the other team to promote sportsmanship. 

Teams are asked not to congregate around the fields or in public areas when not participating in tournament play

You are to use the provided hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to be used before, during and after the games, and whenever appropriate, such as if/when coming into contact with the ball or any other players, coaches or shared equipment. 

Refrain from sharing equipment in general. 

Each team is responsible for disinfecting their flags with disinfectant wipes, before, at halftime, and after a game.

Athletes are required to wear masks when on sideline

Coaches must wear face masks at all times

Players should be discouraged from removing and re-inserting mouthguards while on the field. If a mouthguard falls out, players should be instructed not to re-insert it until it can be sanitized with clean hands. 

All players should bring a personal water bottle with their name on it to use during the game. There will be no communal coolers with Gatorade or water at the fields

Head Refs will be given antibacterial wipes, to wipe the football in play 3-5 times per game. ( Pre game, then 12 mins later at halftime and then 12 mins later post game, with sporadic times in between when it works (Determined by official on field- Ex- team is in a huddle, after each score, etc.)

Refs are required to wear facemasks

Game cards will not be signed. The coaches should confirm the score verbally with the official at the end of the game.

On one full soccer/football field, there will be a maximum of three games at a time - from left to right (back of endzone - 15-yard line, 35-yard line - 40 yard line, 15 yard line to other back of endzone). 

When necessary, tournaments will be scheduled in two days to allow spacing on fields and minimize the number of spectators and teams at the location at one time.

On turf fields, coaches and teams are not permitted to cross the 50-yard line to keep coaches and players sharing two fields from close interaction. 

Games will be scheduled with 15-minute breaks in between to allow those to leave and others to arrive with minimal interactions. 

Teams and spectators are asked to leave as soon as their game is ended. 

Schedules will be distributed in advance of all games with buffer times clearly marked.


January 1st, 2020

8u Coed  (Birthyear 2011 or 2012 or 2013)

10u Coed (Birthyear 2009 or 2010 or 2011)

12u Girls (Birthyear 2007 or 2008 or 2009)

     *Pilot Program - Will only be offered at select locations 

12u Coed (Birthyear 2007 or 2008 or 2009)

14u Girls (Birthyear 2005 or 2006 or 2007)

14u Boys (Birthyear 2005 or 2006 or 2007


2019 RULE: Any NFL FLAG team can travel to participate in any NFL FLAG Regional Tournaments

2020 RULE: NFL FLAG Teams are only eligible to participate in NFL FLAG Regional Tournaments hosted within the regional boundaries that their league operates


2019 RULE: Age Cutoff August 1st, 2019

2020 RULE: Age Cutoff January 1st, 2020


2019 RULE: A player may not participate on an NFL FLAG regional team from another state

2020 RULE: All players MUST be registered in the same NFL FLAG organization in the current calendar year to participate on an NFL FLAG regional team


2019 RULE: 9-10 Coed, 11-12 Coed, 13-14 Boys, 13-14 Girls

2020 RULE: 8u Coed, 10u Coed, 12u Coed, 12u Girls, 14u Girls, 14u Boys


2019 RULE: (2) 10 Minute Halves

2020 RULE: (2) 12 Minute Halves


2019 RULE: 30 Second Play Clock

2020 RULE: 25 Second Play Clock


2019 RULE: Overtime Rules, must go for 2-point conversion after 1st attempt

2020 RULE: Overtime Rules will be 1st attempt for 1 or 2, 2nd attempt for 2 only, and 3rd OT will be one play from own 5-yard line and the most yards wins


2019 RULE: 3 downs to cross midfield

2020 RULE: 4 downs to cross midfield, however if you do not cross midfield on 4th down the opposing team takes possession at the spot. Once across mid-field the offense gets 3 downs to score


2019 RULE: Extra point conversions are not returnable

2020 RULE: Extra point conversions are returnable and worth 2 points


2019 RULE: Ball is spotted where the flag is

2020 RULE: Ball is spotted where the ball is when the flag is pulled


2019 RULE: Rushers may reset and still rush if crossing the 7-yard mark

2020 RULE: If a rusher “jumps the snap” and crosses the 7-yard mark, prior to the snap, that rusher is ineligible to re-set and rush on that play. Another defensive player who is beyond the 7-yard line may rush


2019 RULE: 1 (30 second) timeout per half

2020 RULE: 3 total (30 second) timeouts per game

12 NFL FLAG Regional Tournaments run from October to December

Regional tournaments are available to registered NFL FLAG participants only

New NFL FLAG region boundaries will apply in 2020

All players MUST be registered in the same NFL FLAG organization for the current calendar year to be eligible to participate on the organization’s NFL FLAG Regional Tournament team

Teams are only eligible to participate in a regional tournament hosted in the region where their league operates


Teams are only eligible to participate in a regional tournament hosted in the region where their league operates.

All players MUST be registered in the same NFL FLAG organization for the current calendar year to be eligible to participate on the organization’s NFL FLAG Regional Tournament team.