Want to be part of a winning organization?

Time to make the call.

If you have a passion for the game and want to be involved in inspiring young athletes, officiating in an NFL FLAG league is the perfect decision. Give back to your community, form new relationships with officials and coaches, and join in on the fun! 

The overarching goal of NFL FLAG is to deliver an excellent experience for league operators, coaches, and families on a national and local level.


NFL FLAG is offering free, virtual officiating trainings that focus on the NFL FLAG rulebook, game management techniques, and the mechanics needed to operate/communicate on the field.

We encourage league operators and coaches within your programs to register for a session to get an inside look at officiating the game and a comprehensive understanding of NFL FLAG rules. 


NFL FLAG is working to improve the flag football experience for its league organizers, coaches, players, and parents. That’s why we’re providing a high-quality training program for NFL FLAG officials and coaches. This training program will focus on the NFL FLAG rulebook and the mechanics necessary to operate and communicate on the field.


  • Yearly background check saving that expense for other platforms

  • Included in national NFL FLAG database for possible work opportunities with NFL FLAG leagues or regional tournaments

  • Qualify for additional $5.00 per hour when working NFL FLAG Regional Tournaments

  • Included in Officials pool for consideration of appointment to NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl

  • Access to the officials gear store

Ask the Official

We want to make understanding the rules as easy as possible, so we’re offering an outlet for ALL questions and suggestions pertaining to the NFL FLAG rulebook. Email us at and our team will respond as soon as possible.

Refer an Official for NFL FLAG Tournaments

Officials are an important part of NFL FLAG. To make sure each game operates smoothly and fairly, there are some key skills and attributes each NFL FLAG official should be: 

  • In tip-top shape. A lot of running goes into officiating so it’ll help if you are physically fit 

  • Cool, calm and collected. The ability to operate in high-pressure situations and maintain a level-headed attitude is essential.  

  • Knowledgeable of the rules and referee signals—which we help teach. 

  • Able to deal with players, parents and coaches all at once. Having these people skills helps manage the flow of each game.  

If you know any officials who fit these criteria, please share their information with us!



This program will focus on the NFL FLAG rulebook and mechanics necessary to operate on the field.  



An outlet for all questions and suggestions pertaining to the NFL FLAG rulebook.



If you know any officials who fit our criteria, share their info with us!