League Organizers

Check out the League Organizer Guide to understand expectations for NFL FLAG leagues. 

Sign up here to submit an application to start a new league. Once you register your account, click on "Start a League" to begin the application process. 

There is no startup fee to become an NFL FLAG league. We do require that all league have a $1 million liability insurance policy and list Reigning Champs Football LLC (operators of NFL FLAG) as a certificate holder. All new league operators will be required to undergo a background check.

Benefits for NFL FLAG league organizers include:

  • Free and easy league set-up

  • Access to the official NFL FLAG logo to promote and grow your league

  • Access to NFL FLAG marketing kit to promote your league online

  • Chance to participate in regional tournaments

  • Chance to qualify for National Championships at Pro Bowl

  • Unmatched credibility from the NFL and the country’s most reputable flag football organization

  • Liberty to set up and run your league according to the needs of your community

No. Leagues are required to hold a $1 million dollar insurance policy and are responsible for all league operating costs, but there's not a startup fee to become an NFL FLAG league.

It generally takes 2-3 weeks for the league request approval process.

We are looking for highly motivated league organizers that are mission aligned to grow the NFL FLAG program. We will review the amount of leagues in that area, and require every new league organizer to complete a background check as part of the approval process.


Go to the Find a League page, search for leagues in your area, and contact those leagues to register to play. All NFL FLAG leagues are independently owned and operated, and all league registration will be conducted by the operators of that league.

NFL FLAG is a fun and accessible non-contact program for girls and boys ages 5-17. Backed by the NFL with an emphasis on football fundamentals and community involvement, NFL FLAG empowers youth athletes across the nation.

No. There is currently no requirement to have any athletes or parents register or be associated with your league.

All NFL FLAG leagues are independently owned and operated and all league operations are managed by league organizer. The best place to report this feedback is directly to the league operator. If more follow up is necessary please contact our customer service team at

Flag Football

The first rule of flag football is pretty straight forward: there’s no contact allowed. That includes tackling, blocking, and screening. 

Instead, players wear flags that hang along their sides by a belt. To “tackle” the person in possession of the ball, the opposing team needs to pull one or both of their flags off. 

This rule, along with several others, serve a single purpose: to keep players safe. From creating “no run zones” to eliminating fumbles, flag football rules are designed to create a fast-paced, engaging version of football without the physical contact. 

Click here to read all the important flag football rules you need to know, including the different terms and positions.

Flag football flags and belt. Players wear belts with flags that hang along their sides and opponents have to pull the flags off of the ball-carrier’s belt. Every player receives an official NFL FLAG football belt and flag football flags, either from their coach or league organizer. 

NFL FLAG team jersey. Every player also receives a team jersey upon registration.  

Shorts. It’s important to wear shorts that don’t have pockets. This allows the belt and flags to be visible at all times, avoiding unnecessary penalties. It also is a safety precaution so that fingers don’t get stuck when attempting to remove the flag.  

Mouthguard. This is the only protective gear that players wear. We recommend having a backup pair in your bag, just in case. 

Football cleats. Metal cleats are not allowed in flag football. 

Football gloves (optional). Some players prefer to use football gloves, which give extra grip to help control the ball. These aren’t required, though.

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In simple terms, flag football positions are essentially the same as tackle, but without the linemen. There are five players on the field in NFL FLAG football—for both offense and defense—with assigned roles. 

But, unlike tackle football, these football positions overlap much more than you may realize. For example, one player can take on many responsibilities in a given play, such as a center transitioning into a wide receiver after snapping the ball. For this reason, versatile players tend to be more successful in flag football.

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