As flag football grows in popularity worldwide, the NFL is revamping the 2024 NFL FLAG Regional Tournament Series and NFL FLAG Championships to further enhance the experience for every participant. Stay tuned to our website and social media to be the first to know about these exciting announcements. 

In the meantime, here’s an inside look at some of the initial updates:   

  • Timing of tournaments: Regional Tournaments will start in the fall and end in the spring, as we partner with NFL Clubs to host Regional Tournaments. This not only offers participants in new markets a chance to compete, but it also means there’s more time for teams to attend more than one tournament. Additionally, the NFL FLAG Championships will be held every summer. 

  • 2024 Spring Tournament age divisions: For Regional Tournaments taking place in the spring, age divisions will increase by one year to accommodate the previous fall regional participant ages. This ensures fair play across all regional winners who qualify for 2024 NFL FLAG Championships. This is a temporary change and will return back to the traditional “even” age divisions following the 2024 Summer NFL FLAG Championships. 

    • New spring 2024 age divisions: 9u, 9uRec, 11u, 11uRec, 11uG, 13u, 13uRec, 13uG, 15u, 15uG, 18uG

  • NFL FLAG Championship qualifiers: Qualifiers from the fall 2023 and spring 2024 Regional Tournaments will compete at the 2024 NFL FLAG Championships in July. With this being a transition year, the NFL wants to ensure a positive and meaningful experience for every boy and girl who plays—and that means allowing more to participate.

If you have any questions about these changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at




NFL FLAG teams are eligible to qualify for tournaments in their region only, unless it’s a Super Regional.

Super Regionals have open borders, allowing any NFL FLAG team to participate, regardless of where they're located. 

Teams may attend more than one regional tournament to qualify for NFL FLAG Championships and must abide by the tournament/participant code of conduct







Tournament Date: Apr 6, 2024

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Tournament Date: Apr 7, 2024

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Tournament Date: Apr 13, 2024

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Tournament Date: Apr 14, 2024

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Tournament Date: Apr 21, 2024

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Tournament Date:Apr20-21, 2024

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Tournament Date: Apr 27, 2024

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Tournament Date: May 4, 2024

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Tournament Date: May 4, 2024

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Tournament Date: May 11, 2024

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Tournament Date: May 18, 2024

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Tournament Date: June 2, 2024

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Tournament Date: June 8, 2024

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Win Your Way To NFL FLAG Championships


See where your league stands in your region. Winners advance to NFL FLAG Championships


New events coming in 2024 by the NFL to enhance the expereince for every tournament participant


Energetic, fun atmosphere, one-of-a-kind award ceremonies and special NFL guest appearances 


This is a 5 v 5 NFL FLAG non-contact, version of flag football. Each roster may hold 10 players and a maximum of two coaches. 

Coed Division 

  • 9u Coed-2014 Birthyear or younger
  • 11u Coed-2012 Birthyear or younger
  • 13u Coed-2010 Birthyear or younger
  • 15u Coed-2008 Birthyear or younger

*Coed can consist of all boys, all girls or a mix of both

Girls Division

  • 11u Girls-2012 Birthyear or younger
  • 13u Girls-2010 Birthyear or younger
  • 15u Girls-2008 Birthyear or younger
  • 18u Girls-2005 Birthyear or younger

Recreation Division

  • 9u Coed Rec-2014 Birthyear or younger
  • 11u Coed Rec-2012 Birthyear or younger
  • 13u Coed Rec-2010 Birthyear or younger

*Recreation Team - Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, JCC (Jewish Community Center, PAL (Police Athletic League), Parks and Recreation NFL FLAG Program, or an NFL FLAG League that keeps their roster the exact same from league play

Stay and Play Event


All reservations must be made through the official housing booking link or through a custom team/club booking link provided by Team Travel Source to your housing contact.

Exemption: Teams within a 75 driving mile radius of the venue. (This is the only exemption that is approved)



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NFL FLAG Regional Tournament Transition FAQs

NFL FLAG, with the support of the NFL, will be transitioning the Regional Circuit to start in the Fall and end in the Spring which allows for growth, as our goal is to partner with as many NFL Clubs as possible to host a Regional. Increasing our number of Regionals over an extended period of time offers participants in new markets the chance to compete in a Regional for the first time AND for NFL FLAG to spread out the Regional dates so teams can potentially attend more than 1 tournament. 

Following 2024 NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl Games, the NFL FLAG Championships will no longer be part of the NFL Pro Bowl Games. NFL FLAG is moving to a new model that will host our NFL FLAG Championships in the Summer at a location that will be announced in the future.  


NFL FLAG will continue to provide a high-quality championship tournament experience for all participants and their families. You can expect a fun and competitive on-field atmosphere, exclusive giveaways, athlete competitions, NFL Club involvement, Sponsor activations, and NFL player appearances. With NFL FLAG Championships moving to the Summer, this tournament will be the best youth flag football tournament with the power and support of the NFL.  


The new Regional circuit timeline will start in Fall 2024. NFL FLAG will continue to operate Regional Tournaments in Spring 2024 as we work through the transition. 

Spring 2024 Regional winners will win a bid to the new NFL FLAG Championships that will take place during Summer 2024.

2024 Spring Regional winners AND 2023 Fall Regional winners will receive a bid to compete at NFL FLAG Championships in Summer 2024.

In every event that NFL FLAG hosts, our focus is on the overall experience and how we can enhance the experience for as many participants as possible. With 2024 being a transition year, we didn’t want to minimize the magnitude of our culminating event by only allowing Spring Regional participants to compete, as we work through the changes to the Regional Tournament Circuit.

With the Spring being a transition period, the age divisions are temporary and will be as follows, with a January 1st cut off:  9u, 9uRec, 11u, 11uRec, 11uG, 13u, 13uRec, 13uG, 15u, 15uG, 18uG


January 1st, 2024 


Spring Regional age divisions will be temporarily changed to accommodate for the Fall Regional winners also competing at NFL FLAG Championships in Summer 2024. 2023 Fall Regionals age cut-off was January 1, 2023, so by increasing the age divisions for Spring Regionals by 1 year, it will ensure that the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 participants are in the same age range. 


For spring of 2024, there will not be any price change. Early bird registration will remain at $375 and late registration will remain at $475. However, in future seasons, NFL FLAG reserves the right to increase the tournament registration fee.  


  • NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl Games: Teams will compete in the age division that they won by competing in a 2023 Fall Regional.  

  • Summer 2024 NFL FLAG Championships: To ensure that Spring Regional participants and Fall Regional participant ages match, the Fall Regional winners will move up one age group from the age division they qualified at. 

  • An age up division allows for Fall Regional winners to match Spring Regional winners ages. 

    • (Ex: February Championships – 10u; Summer Championships – 11u) All athletes will meet the same age qualification requirements in those divisions, so no team will be at a disadvantage.  

Teams will have the opportunity to make any necessary arrangements to rosters between 2/5/24-2/29/24. As of March 1st, 2024, rosters will lock and any players on those rosters will not be eligible to play in the 2024 Spring Regionals, as they are “already qualified” for the Summer Event. This applies to both coaches and athletes.  


Once the location and date are confirmed, we will provide more details to the qualifying teams and post it on the NFL FLAG website. 


The new NFL FLAG Championships are subject to change location each year.  


We plan to have a similar structure as the Pro Bowl Championships in the past  


Winners from each division at a Regional Tournament will earn a full bid (registration cost only) to the Summer NFL FLAG Championships. 


The age divisions will revert back to the standard age divisions, with an August 1st age cutoff: 8u, 8uRec, 10u, 10uRec, 10uG, 12u, 12uRec, 12uG, 14u, 14uG, 17uG


August 1st, 2024 


No, at regional tournaments, players are restricted to only one roster in one age division 



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