Super Regionals will have OPEN borders for any participating NFL FLAG league. Teams are eligible to qualify in their region only, unless it’s a Super Regional. Teams may attend more than one regional tournament within their region to qualify. 





NFL FLAG Tournaments FAQ

Q: Are there multi-team discounts for NFL FLAG Tournaments? 

A: There are NO multi team discounts. 

Q: Is there any financial assistance from NFL FLAG for teams traveling to NFL FLAG Tournaments? 

A: All teams are responsible for their own financials to and from regional tournaments.

Q: What if an NFL FLAG Tournament is canceled due to weather, do I get a refund?

A: There are no refunds. However, if the event is not able to be rescheduled, RCX Sports will provide options to the teams.

Q: Can my team get a refund?

A: No. After your team registers, there are NO REFUNDS and NO TRANSFERS to different tournaments. All sales are final. *If you win your Regional, but your team is registered for future Regionals, you will receive a refund for your registration fee.

Q: Is there a cap on the number of teams that can participate in the age division? 

A: Yes, each event will be capped depending on the amount of field space, so don’t miss out and register early.

Q: Will players be age verified at NFL FLAG Tournaments?  

A: Yes, participants must be age verified through the NSID Website. Onsite age verification will not take place under any circumstances. 

Q: Where is NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl going to be in 2024? 

A: Once the NFL announces the location of the 2024 Pro Bowl Games, we will provide more details around the Championships. 

Q: Can a roster be altered once the team qualifies for NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl Games? 

A: No. Once your team wins at Regionals, all rosters are locked, and no adjustments can be made. 

Q: When are rosters due for Regional Tournaments? 

A: Rosters are due two Fridays prior to the Regional Tournament. 

Q: Can my team wear their own jerseys at a Regional Tournament? 

A: No, teams must wear the Regional Tournament provided jerseys. 

Q: What is age verification? Do I have to complete this step?  

A: Age verification confirms the appropriate age of each athlete ensuring that no documents are being altered or falsified. Every player is required to do age verification.  

Q: How do I get my athlete “age verified”? 

A: Once the coach of a team has sent the player an invited from NSID, the player will receive an email and allow for them to “join the team”. They will then begin uploading the needed information for their age verification process to begin. There is a $12.99 cost to be age verified. 

Q: What documents do I need to get my athlete age verified?  

A: A birth certificate or passport or state id may be used. All participants are required to upload school documents, like a report card or progress report, as well as a photo head shot.  

Q: Does getting my athlete age verified cost money?  

A: Yes, the age verification process costs $12.99. Once your child is age verified, they will not need to be re-verified for another tournament this year.  

Q: How much does it cost to register my team for a tournament? 

A: Team Registration is $375 per team during our early registration period and $475 per team during our late registration period. Please be sure to check the individual tournament page for detailed timelines on early and late registration 

Q: My athlete is playing in more than one tournament. Do I need to pay for age verification each time?  

A: No. You will only need to pay for the age verification process once and your athlete is eligible to participate in any NFL FLAG tournament this year. When you register for another tournament, be sure to log into NSID with the same log in email to make sure you are using the correct ID number for your athlete. If you have any questions regarding payment, please reach out to NSID directly at 

Q: My athlete is not showing as age verified. What do I do?  

A: There are a few reasons why your athlete may not be shown as eligible, or age verified on their team roster.  

1) Your player(s) NSID may be in the pending review status and in this case, it will be orange when you log in. Please allow up to 24 hours for the review to take place. 

2) Your player(s) NSID may have been rejected and is awaiting a change or more information. If so, the NSID will be red, and you can view the reason on your Dashboard or on the player’s NSID. 

In either case, we encourage you to check your athlete’s status with NSID by reaching out to customer service at 

Q: We don’t have any registered NFL FLAG Leagues in our area. How can we participate in an NFL FLAG Regional Tournament this year? 

A: Teams must be a part of a verified NFL FLAG League in order to participate in any regional tournaments. If you are interested in starting a league, please visit this link to find out how to start your own NFL FLAG League.

Q: How do I invite players to my roster?  

A: Once you have created a team in NSID, you will be directed to your team view page. Once there, you will see a “invite player” button at the top of the page. You will enter each player/player’s parents email address. This will send an email to the player/parent of the player for them to accept. This will place the athlete on your roster.  

Q: How do I know my team is fully validated? 

A: The team page will turn green and state “Team Verified” with the division the team is eligible for. 

Q: Do head coaches and assistant coaches need to be background checked? 

A: Yes, all coaches will need to complete their background check and concussion certification through this portal: background check/concussion protocol 

Q: How much does it cost to complete a coach background check/concussion certification? 

A: $20, the certification and background check will last you for 1 year. 

NFL FLAG Regional Tournament FAQ

Q: What is the structure of an NFL FLAG Regional Tournament? 

A: Each team is guaranteed three games. The top 50% of teams advance to single elimination playoffs. The winners of each division in each tournament qualify for the NFL FLAG Championships at the Pro Bowl. Some Regionals may be one day, and others are two days depending on the anticipated number of registered teams.  

Q: What does “open borders” mean? 

A: Open borders applies to NFL FLAG Super Regionals and means that any NFL FLAG Program in the country can attend the Tournament, and you are not restricted to only your region.  

Q: What does “closed borders” mean? 

A: Closed borders means that any NFL FLAG Program in the region can attend the event, and only teams from within that region are eligible to attend. 

Q: How do I know what region I am in and eligible to attend?

A: For map, click here.

Q: Can I attend a Canadian Regional tournament? 

A: Only Canadian Teams, with their entire roster residing in Canada, are eligible to play in Canadian Regional Tournaments. NFL FLAG Leagues from Canada are not eligible for US Regionals. Please see the 2023 Canadian Regional Schedule HERE.

Q: How do you qualify for a regional tournament?

A: ONLY participants from an ACTIVE NFL FLAG League are permitted to compete in Regional and Super Regional Tournaments.

  • For a league to be considered active, the operator must run at least one full 6-10 week season in a 12-month span, with multiple teams participating.
  • All rostered players MUST be registered and participate in the same active NFL FLAG League/Organization within the past 12 months, to be eligible to participate in an NFL FLAG Regional Tournament.


  • 9u
  • 9uRec
  • 11u
  • 11uRec
  • 11uG
  • 13u
  • 13uRec
  • 13uG
  • 15u
  • 15uG
  • 18uG

Q: What qualifies a team as a recreation team? 

A Recreation Team must be a Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, JCC (Jewish Community Center), PAL (Police Athletic League), or a Park and Recreation NFL FLAG Program. New this year, we will also allow a full team from an NFL FLAG League to participate in the Rec division. This roster may not be adjusted from league play and must be confirmed with your League Organizer in order to register. All Star teams and combined rosters are prohibited. Violation of this rule could result in disqualification of tournament play and championship play for the remainder of the calendar season. 

Q: I don’t see where to register my co-ed team. What should I do? 

A: If your age division does not specify the gender with it (ex: 12u Girls), it is a co-ed division. Co-ed divisions can consist of boys and girls, all boys or all girls. 

Q: Can my all-girls team play in any regional tournament? 

A: Yes, all girls’ divisions are able to travel and play in any regional tournament, within your borders.  

Q: If someone plays in multiple NFL FLAG leagues, can they play for different teams during different Regionals? 

A: Yes, that individual would be eligible to play for either organization adding a team to the event. However, if the individual qualifies and wins with “Org A”, they are now ineligible to play for “Org B” 

Q: Can you attend more than one Regional Tournament? 

A: Yes, only if it is in your Region. Once you win a Regional, your team is unable to attend another.  

Q: Can an individual player attend more than one Regional Tournament? 

A: No, any player on a winning roster is ineligible to compete in another event. 

Q: Can a player from another NFL FLAG League be on my Regional Tournament roster? 

A: No, Rosters must be built from the same program/organization within the calendar year. The league organizer must be able to prove that the player participated in their league.  

Q: Can a player play for more than one roster at NFL FLAG Regional Tournaments? 

A: NO, at regional tournaments players are restricted to only one roster in one age division. 

Q: Can you be a coach for more than one roster at NFL FLAG Regional Tournaments?  

A: Yes, however, Coaches will not be eligible to coach in the same age division in the same tournament. Schedule requests will NOT be taken. 

Q: If a team wins a Regional Tournament, will I receive a free paid bid to NFL FLAG Championships at the Pro Bowl? 

A: Winners from each division at a Regional Tournament earn a Full Bid (registration cost only) to the NFL FLAG Championships at the Pro Bowl Games. 

Q: How old do you have to be to be a coach for a team?

A: You have to be 16 years old.

2024 General Guidelines

1. The 2024 NFL FLAG Tournament Rulebook will be used.  

2. NFL FLAG Regional teams will be provided with NFL FLAG Jerseys and flags for each event, unless otherwise noted.  

3. All NFL FLAG Tournaments are Stay-to-Play for teams who reside 75-miles from event location. *The requirement is five room nights per team.* 

4. Rosters will be a MAX of 10 players/2 coaches.  

5. All rostered players MUST be registered and participate in the same NFL FLAG League/Organization within the past 12 months, to be eligible to participate in an NFL FLAG Regional Tournament. 

6. Players may only be on one roster. Players cannot play in two NFL FLAG Regional Age Divisions. 

7. The only way to qualify for NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl Games is by winning a Regional or Super Regional Tournament. 

8. Qualified teams will receive a Full Bid entry to NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl Games. Team’s who decline the bid run the risk of being ineligible for the following year Regionals. 

9. Once a team qualifies the entire roster and Head Coach is FINAL. Edits may not be made to the rosters for the NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl Games. 

10. Qualified players are ineligible to attend any other Regional Tournament in any division. 

11. Qualified teams are not permitted to change age divisions for the NFL FLAG Championships at Pro Bowl Games.  

12. To be eligible to play in bracket play, players MUST play in at least one pool play game 

13. Player must play in an NFL FLAG League within 1 year of time to be eligible. You cannot be granted eligibility for a future league 

14. Players home address must be within 75 mile radius of the league location address. If an Organization has multiple leagues, the players address must fall within 75 miles of at least one of those league locations. (RCX Sports has final discretion) 

15. Individuals must attend a minimum of 4 physical league games to be eligible 

16. 18uG Girls who are part of a scholastic high school program may enter in the 18uG division at Regionals. All girls must be a part of the same school team. RCX reserves the right to make that determination.

2024 Age Verification/Coach Verification

  • Participants must be age verified through the (NSID) National Sports ID Platform by the deadline. Onsite age verification will not take place under any circumstances. 
  • All coaches must pass a background check, that was completed by the deadline, in Players Health to be eligible to Coach. 


2024 Tournament Format

  • All teams will be put into a Pool Play Format. 
  • Every team is guaranteed a minimum of (3) three pool play games. 
    • If there are only two teams, you will play a best of three (first team to win two games). If there are three teams in your division, you will play each other teams once. From there, the top two teams will move onto a Championship Game. If there are an odd number of teams higher than 3, one team in that division will be randomly selected to play a fourth pool play game. The fourth pool play game does count towards overall standings. 
  • The TOP 50% teams from Pool Play in each division will advance to a single elimination playoff bracket. 
  • All teams will be reseeded according to the following criteria for bracket play:
    • Least Games Lost 
    • Most Games Won
    • Head-to-Head Record (2 teams only) 
    • Points Against
    • Points For
    • Coin Toss


2024 Tournament Registration

  • NFL FLAG Regional Tournaments registration opens 10 weeks prior to the date of the event. 
    • $375 Team Registration Fee (Early)- First 4 weeks of registration 
    • $475 Team Registration Fee (Late)- Last 4 weeks of registration 
    • Registration will close 2 weeks prior to the event 
    • If you register for future tournaments, but qualify at an earlier Regional, you will be refunded your registration fee 


NFL FLAG/RCX reserves the right to remove a team from a tournament, or at any point during the registration process, if a team is caught cheating, or is otherwise non-compliant with any of the above requirements. The above tournament standards are non-negotiable. Failure to adhere to our guidelines and complete our compliance may result in immediate removal from a tournament, and/or exclusion from future events. If you are an NFL FLAG team and you have failed to comply, or have shown a lack of integrity throughout any of our processes, the league you represent and its operations may also be at risk. 

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