League Operators: How to Leverage Weekly Highlight Videos to Boost Your League


May 2, 2024

League Operators: How to Leverage Weekly Highlight Videos to Boost Your League


Are you struggling to attract more young athletes to your NFL FLAG league or searching for cost-effective ways to boost engagement? Look no further than weekly highlight videos.

Among our community of league operators, we’ve found that this simple yet powerful strategy is one of the best ways to generate buzz around your league. Whether it’s a victory touchdown or a game-changing interception, capturing the best moments from game-day and letting families relive them will not only create awareness of your NFL FLAG program but also ignite excitement within your community.

What makes these highlight videos so effective? Let’s break it down.

Engagement and Excitement 

Highlight videos capture the most thrilling moments of each game, drawing in parents and players alike. They foster a sense of pride and connection to the league.

Social Sharing

Social media may be your most powerful tool for spreading the word. By sharing highlight videos on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, you can reach a broader audience and attract potential participants to your league. Moreover, parents will want to showcase their child’s achievements, making them advocates for your league.

Community Building 

Weekly highlight videos create a sense of community among players, parents, coaches, and supporters. They provide a platform for celebrating successes and fostering camaraderie both on and off the field. Families will begin to look forward to spotting their athlete in the videos.

Low Cost, High Impact 

Simply put—this is affordable marketing. With free video editing apps readily available, league operators can create professional-looking highlight videos without breaking the bank. If creating a video isn’t in your realm, you can outsource the task to a college or high school student interested in media.

By harnessing the power of social media and the excitement of game-day, you can attract more participants, generate buzz, and create lasting memories for players and families alike.

So why wait? Start capturing those unforgettable moments and share them with your community—your NFL FLAG program will thank you for it! To help you get started, take a look at a couple examples from our league operators: 

Elizabethtown NFL FLAG Football 

Marion County NFL FLAG Football