October 24, 2022

How to Successfully Start Your NFL FLAG League


So you’re thinking about starting a flag football league in your community? You’ve come to the right place! 

At NFL FLAG, we provide all the resources you need to get your league up and running. From marketing materials to tournaments, we’re here to help you build a framework tailored specifically to your community’s needs. 

Check out these five key steps to starting your league, where we’ll guide you at every turn.

Map out logistics


First and foremost, it’s important to think through some logistics and answer basic questions about your league. For example, what divisions will you offer? Will you have co-ed teams? Where will your teams play and practice? And do you plan to offer any tournaments? 

Once you’ve nailed the details, you can set your start date by working backward. We suggest opening registration at least four weeks before your season kick off date, so it’s best to allow yourself at least five weeks to fully prepare. 

Obtain insurance


Every league operator needs to obtain general liability insurance for their program. You have two choices: 

  • You can purchase general liability insurance directly in your NFL FLAG account.

  • Or you can always secure general liability insurance through another insurance carrier, as long as it meets NFL FLAG requirements.

Decide what merchandise you’ll offer


Merchandise is an excellent way to add a personalized touch to your league, while bringing in additional revenue. Every player receives a jersey and flag belt as a part of their registration, and every team receives a football as well. You can provide optional merchandise (like mouthguards) and upgraded jersey options, too. 

Luckily, ordering is painless using our online system. Some orders are even eligible for team packing for free, meaning the equipment for each team will already be packed for you, so it’s easy to distribute.

Market your leagues


NFL FLAG is the only flag football league backed by the NFL, so we make sure all your materials are officially branded. In fact, you can integrate your registration platform into our online system, where you’ll get a branded website template that pre-populates registration questions, transfers coach information automatically, creates reports on your players, and simplifies the merchandise ordering process. 

Thanks to our partners, you can also purchase additional branded marketing materials, such as banners and yard signs. Even more, we offer school flyer printing and distribution services, so you can get your league’s info right into the hands of your core audience. 

Recruit officials and volunteer coaches



We know that well-trained officials are the backbone of every league. That’s why we offer a comprehensive official certification course. This elevated training series—costing $25—outlines all the steps officials need to take in their important role. 

Lastly, like many park and recreational programs, NFL FLAG uses parent volunteers as coaches, which helps keep the cost of registration low. And while most volunteers are eager to participate, we have built strategic partnerships and resources to make their coaching role trouble-free and rewarding.

Ready to start your league? Simply reach out to us and we’d be happy to help.