Best Flag Football Cone Drills for Coaches


August 25, 2023

Best Flag Football Cone Drills for Coaches


Did you know that cone drills are an easy and fun way to incorporate agility training into your practice? Plus, kids love to run around! So when you need to switch it up from the usual playbook, turn to these 5 cone drills. 

Football Agility Drills | NFL FLAG

4-corner drill 

The 4-corner drill is a perfect beginners football speed and agility drill, strengthening a player’s ability to change direction at a moment’s notice—an incredibly important skill, especially on defense.

Zig zag drill 

The zig zag drill helps refine a player’s ability to quickly change direction when running a route. This youth football agility drill is most common for wide receivers, but can be adapted to other positions. It’s one of our favorite football footwork drills. 

Foot fire drill 

The foot fire drill is a more simple speed and agility drill for football, aiming to boost players’ cardio and endurance, while preparing them for quick footwork in offensive and defensive plays.

Lateral box drill 

The objective of the lateral box drill is similar to the foot fire drill, as it’s a great way to practice fast footwork and increase cardio. This football agility drill also helps players improve their sideways shuffling, a key move on defense. 

“T” drill 

The objective of this drill is to improve acceleration, sprinting, and ability to quickly change direction. This football agility drill is focused on sprinting, rather than shuffling, so this practice is applicable to both offensive and defensive play.


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