10 Reasons to Play Flag Football


August 18, 2023

10 Reasons to Play Flag Football


Flag football comes with many emotional and physical benefits—not to mention that it’s just pure fun. You probably don’t need a reason to play flag football, but in case you want one, here are 10 reasons we love the game so much.

Offers Inclusivity

Flag football is a great sport for both boys and girls of all ages—even the younger ones. There are no height or weight restrictions and no contact, making it a game everybody can play.

Forms Healthy Habits

Flag football represents a key tool in helping kids develop life-long healthy habits. Instead of staying inside playing video games, flag gets them up, out and exercising.

Introduces Football

Flag football provides a natural entry point into the world of football, creating opportunities for kids to learn, engage, and grow with the sport in a contact-free way.

Instills Sportsmanship

Flag football teaches kids what being a good ‘sport’ and team player looks like, emphasizing what it means to win and lose gracefully.

Celebrates Achievement

Flag football provides an avenue for kids to celebrate their achievements, from winning games, to growing their trophy collection to tracking progress and improvement in skills.

Favors Flexibility

Flag football supports all skill levels and sports priorities, whether that’s having fun, learning the fundamentals of football, or preparing for a transition into tackle football.

Teaches Teamwork

Flag football instills the critical value of teamwork and teaches kids how to play and interact well with others.

Builds Confidence

Flag football equips kids with the skills to build and grow their confidence levels both on and off the field.

Creates Community

Flag football fosters a welcoming and supportive community for kids to be a part of and grow with across their journey with the sport.

Promotes Fitness

Flag football encourages physical activity and healthy movement, ensuring kids spend quality time away from the screen.

What parents are saying 

Among surveyed parents of kids who play flag, teamwork was the #1 benefit associated with the sport. Over half of all surveyed parents agree that developing friendships with teammates helped contribute to their child’s love of the game. And 72% of surveyed parents agree that flag football is useful and/or necessary before transitioning to tackle.