All NFL FLAG leagues need to update and upload a copy of their one million dollar general liability Insurance Certificate to their new NFL FLAG League Organizer account and have RCX Sports added to their policy as an additional insured. Once you get your NFL FLAG league-approved you will be able to start placing your NFL Equipment orders with us.

In order to become an official NFL FLAG league, you are required to hold a $1 million general liability policy.

Your policy must name the following organizations as additional insureds, with no right of subrogation:

  • RCX Sports LLC, dba RC Experiences

  • the National Football League, its thirty-two professional member clubs

  • NFL Ventures, Inc.

  • NFL Ventures, L.P. 

  • National Football League Foundation

  • NFL Properties LLC

and any of their respective related subsidiaries, entities, and affiliates

Please note the address needs to go under the “Certificate Holder” section on your Certificate of Insurance as follows:

RCX Sports LLC
1333 North Kingsbury, 4th Floor
Chicago, IL  60642
Attn.:  NFL Flag

If you have any questions please contact info@nflflag.com